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Funeral NoticesBrief, timely announcements about the passing of a loved one, with information regarding upcoming funeral services and arrangements.  Funeral Notices will be posted on our web pages by year, sorted chronologically. You can submit Funeral Notices to this website by email, using our Funeral Notice Submission Form on the USCC Website.

Obituaries – More detailed information about recently deceased family members or friends.  You can request your funeral home director to submit an obituary to our website on your behalf.  Or you can submit Obituaries using our Obituary Submission Form on the USCC Website at a later time. We reformat all submissions individually in standard Acrobat PDF form and post them online alphabetically.

Please Note: You can access our original USCC In Memoriam (Vechnaya Pamyat) section on our main USCC website.  Although USCC In Memoriam will no longer be supported, its content will remain online indefinitely as an archive.  It contains Funeral Notices and Obituaries for three years, between 2011 and 2013.


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